Product Description
KT-28 Two-way globe control valve is equipped with pneumatic or electric actuator. The actuator receives a control signal to modulate the valve to open and close. Valve body is modified with high flowrate design, and various of plug design is available. Valve seat surface is welding with harden alloy, the leakage performance reaches ANSI FCI 70-2 standard class VI.
Nominal size: DN 15 – 250 or ANSI 1/2” – 10”
Nominal pressure: PN10 – 100 or ANSI 150-600 lb
Body material: CF8M, CF8, WCB, WC6, WC9
Plug material: CF8M/SS316 or CF8/SS304
Stem material: SS316 or SS431
Packing material: ① PTFE V-ring ② Metal bellow seal ③ Pure graphite
Plug design: ① V-port plug ② Parabolic plug ③ Balance plug
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